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Spring Cleaning Challenge – FAQs


–       Doesn’t fruit have too much sugar?

  • Fruit does have naturally occurring sugar but it is packaged with tons of fiber, vitamins and minerals that are essential for optimal health. These are not the sugars we need to be concerned about and consuming fruits throughout the day can actually help decrease sugar intake from other empty calorie sources.

–       Is there a limit to how much fruit I should consume in a day?

  • Most people do not need to limit the amount of fruit they consume. Exceptions include diabetics and those who truly binge on fruit. A typical serving of fruit contains 60-100 calories per cup. Most people will fill up well before they’ve consumed excessive calories, especially considering they may be choosing fruit over chips or ice cream, which could provide more than 300 calories per cup. Not to mention, I’ve never had anyone gain weight from eating too many apples.

–       I have a hard time eating my fruits and vegetables before they go bad. Help!

  • Plan ahead. During this challenge, you will likely consume at least 2 pieces of fruit per day. Choose 2 different fruits each week and buy enough to get you through the week. Remember some fruits, like bananas, go bad more quickly. Consider buying 4 bananas to eat the first four days, and buy something more forgiving, like apples to eat the duration of the week, or pop into the grocery store for a quick mid-week trip to restock. Frozen fruits and vegetables work great too!

–       What are some convenient vegetables I can have on hand to add to a meal in a pinch?

  • Frozen edamame.
  • Cherry tomatoes. Have a large handful with your sandwich at lunch.
  • Greens! Spinach, Kale, Collards. You can sauté them in olive oil, salt and pepper and top with a squeeze of lemon or top a bed of fresh greens with some chopped veggies for a quick salad.
  • Frozen broccoli or brussels sprouts. Steamer bags are awesome.
  • Fresh (thickly) sliced bell pepper dipped in salsa.

–       I don’t see any vegetables on this restaurant menu. What should I do?

  • Order a side or entrée salad.
  • Check the sides or a la carte menu.
  • Read the descriptions of different entrees to see if they are served with vegetables. Make substitutions as needed.
  • Ask your server. Don’t be shy.

–       Can you give me some ideas to help increase the variety of produce I eat?

  • Our resource section offers many ideas for new fruits, vegetables and methods of preparation.
  • Buy a new fruit or vegetable every week.
  • Go to the farmer’s markets. The farmers always have something new and different. Plus they will give you ideas on how to prepare your new fruit or veggie.

–        What if I don’t like vegetables?

  • I’ve never met anybody who truly hates all vegetables, after a little bit of exploration. Make a list of vegetables you will tolerate and those you hate. Ask yourself, “when was the last time I actually tried                   ?” If you haven’t tried it in the past year, try it again. Think about times you’ve loved a particular vegetable and try to replicate it.
  • Try vegetables you’ve never tried before. A quick glance around the produce department will show you some great options. Check out resources like this veggie guide for ideas on how to cook your new veggie.