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I came to see Haley after deciding to make big changes to support a healthy, fit and sustainable lifestyle. I needed help getting through the hype / urban legends / engrained falsehoods / cultural “truths” to the science. That is the key to me truly understanding what I eat, why, and how to make that sustainable and enjoyable. If I just did what i was told, I don’t know how much longevity that has. That’s one reason “diets” don’t work is that people don’t know how that change fits, what it means, why it matters. I’ve learned everything from how much and what kind of sugars do what and why to when to eat what kind of protein and how much to digging into dairy, gluten, carbs, fats, nuts and grains. I’m not simply armed with eat this / not that, I got an education I can use for a healthy life.”  – Lionel Felix

“Perhaps Laura’s greatest asset is her ability to listen and in return, provide feedback and advice that is specific to your specific circumstances and lifestyle and develop workable suggestions on how to correct the behaviors that can have the greatest impact. Her advice is not about “designing a diet”; it is about assisting you in creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. She is intelligent and knowledgeable, and puts both to work to come up with programs that work with the added ingredient of personal commitment.”-Kevin Barry

Working with Haley is great. She’ll get you going right with nutrition and help you set your goals. Thanks Haley –  I’m now a much happier person and athlete. My problem was astronomical cramping while competing in triathlons and after improving my diet, I’m doing much better.” Reese Rowan, Ironman triathlete

“Utilizing Laura’s extensive experience I was able to set myself on a track to meeting my goals in a natural and healthy manner. I have put into effect permanent lifestyle changes that have had significant positive impacts my energy level, physique, and focus. Laura’s culinary knowledge enabled me to easily implement food style changes that keep me engaged and happy. I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in tuning their diet for weight loss – and performance gains!” -Matthew Soens

For those of you who are searching for a healthier (and better looking!) body I strongly encourage you to consider working with Haley Hall.  Although I’ve been working out for many years and watching what I eat, I was still carrying a bit more weight than I liked.  I thought I knew how to eat to maintain/lose weight – I was wrong.  With Haley’s guidance I’ve lost, and continue, to lose pounds that I thought as an older female I was “stuck with” – Haley teaches you how to eat in order to achieve the body you want.  And for those of you who think you must be deprived of the foods you like in order to live a healthier and leaner life, you’re wrong.  Yes, you must commit and work hard, but honestly with Haley’s help,  it’s easier than you think – I love the way I feel – and look!  Let Haley help you attain the good health, and better looking body, we all want –Lee Gresham

“In 3 weeks Laura helped me accomplish what I could not do myself in 18 months with the help of trainers and exercise. Even though I have always considered myself a sensible eater, there is no doubt in my mind that my problem was the type, quantity and the frequency of the food I was eating. My experience with Laura has changed the way I think about food. I have her to thank for getting my old body back!” -Fred Munoz

“My husband and I started seeing Haley to help us with our weight loss goals.  Even though we had been learning on our own different strategies for weight loss, we needed focus and some fresh ideas.  Haley helped us discern which foods were working for us and which weren’t.  She helped us to understand how we could adjust our lifestyle to continue eating foods we love but in moderation or with few modifications.  Finally, she helped us to survive the holidays and trips by providing helpful tips that we could follow and give us support, even outside of our sessions.  We managed to lose almost 10 lbs while we worked with her, and by continuing to follow her recommendations, we’ve continued to lose weight. – Ana Eva López and Elfred Pagán

“As someone who wasn’t looking to lose or gain weight, I was more interested in how I could improve my energy level and body composition through better nutrition. Laura brought a wealth of knowledge both in terms of practical dietary suggestions, but also in explaining the biology behind how different foods affect your body. As a result of these changes, I have more energy throughout the day and feel better informed every time I walk into the grocery store.”-Kevin McDevitt

“Haley did a great job of diagnosing nutritional areas I could adjust to reach my goals. Haley took a common sense approach by asking what my lifestyle is and realistically what I could achieve. By taking the time to understand my life and goals, Haley was able to give me a great prescription which I’ve enjoyed. I would recommend anyone going to see Haley. You will be pleased.” – Beth StPaul

“I was ready for a change in my eating habits and Laura was a perfect fit for this. Until I met with Laura, I had never had a diet that lasted more than two days. Laura easily helped me target goals and made me feel like I had a partner in this project. I lost nine pounds in four weeks! It is so rewarding because I feel so energetic and now can do some yoga poses that I had never been able to do before. I actually think about food less, which for me, is a miracle!” -Maggie Lewis

“I am Type II diabetic. I was taking 5 medications a day, and since my sugar level was so high, we added insulin shots twice a day. I was desperate to lose weight and get healthy and I set up a weekly schedule with the nutritionist Laura. She was just awesome. I am now off all 5 medications.”-Cherie Seibel

“Haley did a wonderful job at identifying areas to improve in my day-to-day diet. It was great to set goals and see the results. She set realistic goals that were easy to incorporate into a busy schedule.” – Kendall Harlan

“For the first time, I am not consumed or plagued by thoughts of food all day. I actually feel like I have cracked the code of eating for life.”-Keri Mason