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Posted by on Jan 2, 2014 in Nutrition Success |

21-Day No Sugar Challenge Rocked!

Excerpts from Laura’s letter to the successful participants!

  CONGRATULATIONS!!! You just survived three full weeks without added sugar during the hardest time of year for a sugar lover. While everyone around you is overindulging, you’ve remained cool, calm and collected keeping your eye on the prize.  You did it!   The purpose of this challenge was not just to reduce our sugar intake for health’s sake, but also to learn about the ingredients of the food we eat and to prove to ourselves that we have control over our cravings.  Did you learn a thing or two? Testimonials: “I am glad that I have taken this challenge with this wonderful group of people for support and encouragement. It helped me realizing the self-discipline power that I didn’t know I had.” – Somayya Rodriguez   “I am loving my diet so much. Feeling invigorated, light, agile. I think I’m going to keep going with it. Tack on another month! Jan 25th here I come!” – Zoe Mantarakis   “I think it’s funny how food (especially sweets) is the office gift of choice & my response now is meh. I think that this genuinely shows how much my taste & taste buds have been changing over this challenge. Hurray!” – Donna Chimera   Well done everyone.  Can you think of a reward to give yourself that is not food based?  Now go enjoy the holidays.    Follow the Pure Austin Nutrition blog, pinterest, twitter & instagram.

Join the Limited Sugar Challenge starting January 4th!